TKT specializes in designing
and developing solutions
bespoke digital devices.

You want to automate your tasks, improve the UX
your tools, injecting intelligence
in your business processes?

Our expert agency analyzes your needs,
pilot your projects, and accompany you
in design and development
your digital projects over time.

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From discovery to production,
we accompany all your challenges.

The web tkt agency accompanies its clients from the beginning of the process (specifications, functional design, UX, design), during the development phase of the project (web application, native mobile mobile application, hybrid mobile mobile application, ..) as well as in the follow-up once the project is completed and launched.



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Start-ups, agencies, SMEs, publishers, advertisers, ESN, large accounts… We are resolutely focused on functional and technical challenges: we move hand in hand with our customers and partners, expressing their needs

for the design and implementation of ambitious digital projects.

The variety of experiences and profiles in our team is a wealth that we claim: it allows us every day to overcome obstacles and solve the most complex problems.


Speeding up your projects

TKT helps you solve your business problems and accompanies you in
the success of your most complex digital projects.

A user-centric design.

Whatever the nature of your project, we use a range of proven tools and methods to design and design services that will add value to your users.

Mobile development

Management applications
BtoB apps
Consumer applications
Increased reality

Web development


Institutional site

Editorial site

Web Application SAAS

Bespoke solutions


Know how to do it

To achieve your projects, we systematically use proven methods and open source technologies. The goal: to guarantee the longevity of your projects, facilitate the intervention of third-party teams and servincielles interconnections.

Maker and Innovation


Our digital agency supports your innovation

We enjoy playing with new technologies. We don’t just do interface: we support you on everything from expressing your needs to designing and developing your most technical projects. TKT is a young agency with a mature know-how: what you don’t know how to do, we translate into innovation!

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We know what to eat

Mobile decision support app to make it easier to choose restaurants for groups.

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Business application for amputees in conflict zones that facilitates autonomous pre-diagnosis.