ApIs, what’s the point?

APIs are increasingly present on the web today, and are used every day in computer systems - even if we don't see it. When you compare the prices of your plane tickets, look at the menu of a restaurant online or look at the weather on your smartphone, you use an API. But what do these three letters really mean? An Application Programming Interface is a set of functions, data types and constants, available on a software library. An API…
20 November 2020

How do I create a Github action to test your app with services?

Github Actions is a continuous integration and automated deployment (CI/CD) solution. It's an extension of Github. Its operation is based on Github events such as a commits push. We write a process to start in relation to his project. It will be executed according to the criteria set out in the action to be carried out. This has been designed to perform processes on an ongoing basis based on the collaborative work on Git. You should know that Github Actions…
20 November 2020