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TradeScore is a 100% free service from Euler Hermes that allows you to check the financial health of these business partners and to act on the rating of your company.



Euler Hermes initially entrusted TKT with the design and production of a POC to test an idea digitally while automating part of Euler Hermès’ business. From this POC emerged “TradeScore”, a web application in SAAS.


Know the functional expectations of users, and prioritize the functional roadmap.
Design of the IHM.
Design of user routes.
Save users time in their most common actions.
Accelerate processing times, navigation, reduction of user actions.
Make it easier to view and process data.


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2 weeks


Check out its Euler Hermes rating and the guaranteed stock range.

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Compare your company’s performance in the industry.

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A là Digital Agency d’Euler Hermes, nous étions à la recherche d’une agence digitale pour nous accompagner dans la réalisation de projets innovants. Nous avons été séduits par la qualité du travail de TKT mais aussi par leur rapidité d'exécution et leur capacité à trouver des solutions simples face aux aléas de projets d’envergure.

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